The project “Cabbage Field Archivision” and rules for participation in the contest


The community of Lower Šančiai and The Union of Lithuanian Architects, Department of Kaunas are inviting to participate in the architecture and landscape .contest „Cabbage Field Archivision“. The action will take place on 22-25th September 2016, a place of the contest: Kaunas, “Cabbage Field” territory, Lower Šančiai area, the town of XIX century barracks, next to Suomių street.

This contest is designed to people who like to work out of the comfort zone and believe that the residents of a neighborhood are the real experts with whom are worth and interesting to work with.

“Cabbage field” are famous for the citizens initiative which showed up when local residents concentrated for the area changes. ”Cabbage Field” had “desert place” status more than 20 years and last year the locals have started to create the public place in this area.


Rules for the participation in the contest

  1. To create the unique, realistic and ecologically sustainable architecture’s and landscape’s project.
  2. The project has to reveal “Cabbage Field’s”: 1) the convenience and “the image”; 2) possibilities for the driveway and the connection between the area and other parts of the city; 3) the usage and activities; 4) the sociability.
  3. In the project it has to be predicted ten zones of the activities – reasons why people would want to be in that place. It is recommended that the activities would be projected unique just for “Cabbage Field’s” area and for the local people.
  4. To create conversion of existing buildings (three XIX c. arched warehouses which was used for the fermented cabbage storage) for the children and adults informal education and other services center.
  5. To create the connections between the district’s urbanistic and natural environments.
  6. Refer to the survey of the local people needs.
  7. To work in the team.


Process of the contest

  1. It will be formed three groups with four participants who will work in teams and in the public process of creating will be included local residents.
  2. Every group will create one project of the territory conversion.
  3. The exposition of the project and rating will take place in “Cabbage Field”.
  4. The projects will be rated by experts and the community of Lower Šančiai.


The fund of contest prize – 500 euros

I place – 200 euros

II place – 150 euros

III place – 150 euros

Participants of the project will get a workplace and food.

During the project is provided discussions and lectures of experts.


The registration for participants


The registration’s deadline: September 1oth, 2016. Send your CV and a short motivation letter for:

Vita Gelunienė,

Kęstas Vaikšnoras,