The first Lithuania‘s exhibition was opened in Berlin architecture museum galleria


Since May 12th in Berlin architecture museum galleria, Technical University of Berlin was opened KAFe2013 exhibition which was held for Lithuania‘s architecture history and called “Kaunas – the undiscovered modernism capital of Europe”. A curator of the exhibition – architect Gintaras Balčytis.

The exhibition of Lithuania‘s interwar architecture “Kaunas – the undiscovered modernism capital of Europe” after expositions in Lithuania, Estonia and Czech Republic has arrived in prestigious Berlin architecture museum galleria. Citizens and architecture lovers in the capital of Germany are invited to meet 64 projects which illustrate a development of modernism architecture in 1919-1940 Kaunas. In today’s Kaunas, despite tsarism, soviet and modern architecture buildings, the modernism interwar architecture dictate urban identity of the city. It also forms Kaunas historical and formal identity and illustrates our interwar history. This architecture, which at that time stands out of Europe’s architecture history and is interesting because of a different adaptation of the general modernism ideas, enriches modernism with national elements and became the regionalism pioneer of “Modern Movement”.


Project organizators: Berlin architecture museum galleria, Kaunas architecture festival, LR attache of culture in Germany.

Partners: DOMPublishers, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Lithuanian Council of Culture, Lithuanian Union of architects department of Kaunas.