The events of the interwar architecture is continuing in Berlin


9th of June in Lithuanian Embassy in Berlin was opened KAFe2016 exhibition “Kaunas interwar interiors”. After the exhibition’s opening there was held a discussion about modernistic Kaunas architecture and it’s connection with architecture of Europe.

By continuing events for the architecture of Lithuania, 9th of June in Lithuanian embassy in Berlin was opened exhibition “Kaunas modernistic interiors. Kaunas – the undiscovered modernism capital of Europe”. The exhibition’s compiler and curator – architect Gintaras Balčytis, photographers Rymantas Penkausas and Gintaras Česonis. This exhibition supplemented not just Kaunas modernistic architecture presentations geography but also exposed Kaunas architectural spaces – original interwar interiors in Kaunas buildings, by that time fascinated with modernism ideas, maintained our region specific attributes and architectural shades, known just for Lithuanian architecture experts.

After exposition’s opening was held a discussion, which was attended by exposition’s compiler and curator Gintaras Balčytis, architecture historian Dr. Marija Drėmaitė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) and Professor Natascha Meuser (Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau). Quests of the event had been discussing about our architectural landscape’s similarities and differences by interwar period in Europe, especially Germany, architecture.

Project organizators: Kaunas architecture festival, LR attache of culture in Germany.

Partners: DOMPublishers, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Lithuanian Union of architects department of Kaunas.

Exhibition supported by: Lithuanian Council of Culture.