Urban Solution of the Track Veiveriu Str. – Bridge over the Nemunas – Birstono Str. – Owl Mountains Tunnel – Jonavos Str. Ring

Location of the link – Kaunas centre: juncture of the Old Town and the New Town, and Zemoji Freda.

Kaunas lies on the confluence of two largest rivers in Lithuania – Nemunas and Neris. Kaunas has 7 bridges, connecting the opposite banks of rivers, however only 3 of them connect the centre of the town with the neighbouring territories. Such important urban territory as Zemoji Freda does not have a strong link to the central part of town. The future plans suggest that the best idea to revive Zemoji Freda and to improve traffic conditions in the Old Town would be closing of Vytauto Didziojo bridge to motor traffic and to leave this bridge only for pedestrian use, moving all motor routes to the newly designed bridge from the intersection of Birstono street and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave. to Zemoji Freda.

In order to solve this problem an attractive new urban vision is necessary, which would connect Aleksotas and Zemoji Freda with Birstono Street and Vilijampole, as well as solve the possible axes of transport in the Old Town zone.

The project is intended for the link: Veiveriu Str. – bridge across Nemunas – Birstono Str. – Peledu hill tunnel – Vilijampole. The programme for executing this project is free, You can develop its scenario and scope for urban structure development. Research of historical and present situation of the territory is carried out, and analysis of technical feasibility of forming a juncture is performed before scheduling the design works. Planning of the link between the historical centre of the town and Zemoji Freda leaves space for implementation of an individual idea.

Joint solutions with the topic “Overhead Road with Commercial Premises in Birstono Str. (Section between Gertrudos Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave.)” are possible.


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DWG file of the territory

City center analysis_KAFe2016

3D drawing

Kaunas old maps