Overhead Road with Commercial Premises in Birstono Str. (Section between Gertrudos Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave.)

The object is located in a territory very dear to Kaunas – Birstono Str. crosses Kaunas Old Town (unique code 20171) in a valuable historical part of town, for which Old Town protection regulations apply. The whole of architectural values protected in this territory includes architectural layers, urban fabric, and architectural expression of buildings, structures and material composition. Due to intensive traffic it is a heavy loaded street and traffic is often congested due to insufficient infrastructure. Two underground passes are installed for pedestrians under Birstono street – an especially important one at the extension of Laisves Ave. to Vilniaus Str. and one at the intersection of Birstono Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave. These underground passes are highly unattractive aesthetically, they are not safe during dark time of the day, they are unsuited for the disabled, therefore an idea is investigated to install a pedestrian zone at street level, which would include premises for small business, community and recreation, on top of which traffic could take place. This would allow connection of two pedestrian routes on one level – Laisves Ave. and Vilniaus Str., to create new public spaces and obtain new quality.

The goal of the project – preparation of project for Birstono Str. overhead crossing with commercial premises (in the location between Gertrudos Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave.). A possible urban solution: Veiveriu Str. – bridge across Nemunas or Birstono Str. – Peledu Str. tunnel. The idea of a tunnel under the side of the Zaliakalnis district came up during the interwar period; it would connect Birstono Street to approaches of P. Vileisio bridge, and transit traffic along the Birstono Str. – via and overhead pass over the present Birstono Str. – would create a zone attractive for business. The project would solve traffic scheme of Birstono Str. intersections and pedestrian traffic from Laisves Ave. to Vilniaus Str. The suggested solutions should reduce traffic congestion, become attractive for pedestrians, encourage the local community to find schemes of activities, business and communication, which would promote compliance with community activities and urban life style. Authors of this work are free to determine the size, programme and the operating scenario of the object.

Physical demand program for this task is free to choose by the author’s decision – you can decide on yourself what size, program and scenario building it should be. But have in mind the case study situation. Consider it fair to look for standards from relevant literature or similar objects.


DWG file of the territory

City center analysis_KAFe2016

3D drawing

Kaunas old maps