Museum of Kaunas City and Research Centre in a Quarter between Gimnazijos Str. and St. Gertrudos Str. with Arrangement Proposals for Areas near Laisves Ave. and Savanoriu Ave.

The object is at the juncture of Kaunas Old Town and New Town, however Old Town regulations apply for the territory. The eastern edge of the plot boarders a protected complex of buildings, included in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Lithuania – Ragutis brewery. When addressing territories of such type it is important to understand, that their exceptional and universal value arises from the gradual evolutionary development of the historical urban landscape, as well as planned expansions of the territory, which is expressed through urban processes taking place throughout a certain period of time, encompassing environmental and topographic conditions and embodying the characteristic economic and cultural values. Design in territories of such nature should take into account the established context and the conditions at the surrounding areas.

Goal of the project is to develop an interesting urban structure of the quarter with informal indoor and outdoor spaces by demolishing inferior buildings and constructing new ones for purposes of the Museum of Kaunas City in the corner of St. Gertrudos Str. and Gimnazijos Str., including the former synagogue building, also suggesting solutions for the quarter between Gimnazijos Str. and St. Gertrudos Str., to Laisves Ave. and Savanoriu Ave. in parallel. Multi-ethnicity of residents of Kaunas is an integral part of its history, therefore an important emphasis of the project task is on developing a project, which would be suitable and giving sense to the place meetings and activities of the local and city community.

The programme for executing this project is free, You can develop its scenario and scope for urban structure development. The quarter is part of a protected territory – Kaunas Old Town, for which the Old Town protection regulations apply. Individual solutions for building design and planning of the city centre territory, as well as its link to the surrounding environment, should be submitted.



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