Development Proposals of the Area in the Corner of Vytauto Ave. and Kestucio Str.

The territory lies in the historical zone of Kaunas New Town, it is situated at the main streets of the centre– Kestucio Str. and Vytauto Str. the nearby pedestrian street of Kaunas – Laisves Avenue. Currently the quarter is not functionally arranged, the layout of buildings is chaotic and erratic. The geographic location of the quarter in relation to town is attractive for developing objects of commercial, public or other purpose.

The main goal raised for contemporary architecture in the historic urban landscape is to reflect the dynamic of development by encouraging social and economic change and growth, yet at the same time respecting the inherited city ladscape and the scenery of its environment. Any structural intervention must be based on thorough research and analysis of the historic urban landscape, as an expression of values and importance. The research of long term effects and sustainability of the planned intervention is an integral part of the planning process, its goal is to preserve the historic structure, the entirety and context of buildings.

The project is intended for developing buildings at one of the busiest intersections in Kaunas New Town. One of the most important tasks is to find the right function and the solution for buildings to be constructed in the free territory on the corner of Vytauto Ave. and Kestucio Str., by demolishing inferior buildings and erecting new ones. Proposal of a traffic scheme and building function(s) is mandatory.

The programme for executing this project is free, You can develop its scenario and scope for urban structure development. The quarter is part of a protected territory – Kaunas Old Town, for which the Old Town protection regulations apply. Design of commercial, public or residential buildings, general adjustment of the quarter and the traffic scheme should be submitted as individual solutions.


Refer to URBAN themes map section number – 13

DWG file of the territory

City center analysis_KAFe2016

3D drawing

Kaunas old maps