Development Proposals of the Area between Laisves Ave., Traku Str. and Krevos Str.

The object is in the historical part of Kaunas called the New Town, which was included in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Lithuania in 1999. The valuable features identified in the register include: planned structure type and network; roads, streets, squares, entrances, access roads, paths, their types, routes, pavements – street routes; height of buildings; perspective and straight flat views of Traku Str.

Increase of density of city centres and the number of dwellings is especially relevant in attempts to increase attractiveness of a town, enhance its economic and demographic conditions. International documents state that constant changes of functional purpose, social structure, political context and economic development, which manifest as a form of structural investment into historical urban landscape, can be acknowledged as part of the urban tradition. Hence, appearance of new types of architecture in historical structures supplements the environment instead of undermining it. The designed quarter is attractive with its geographic location, the nearby Vytautas Park and the central street of town – the Laisves Avenue.

The aim of the project is to develop buildings in the free territory at the corner of Laisves Ave., Traku Str., Krevos Str. and inside the quarter. Apartment blocks are a priority.

The programme for executing this project is free, You can develop its scenario and scope for urban structure development. Research of historical and present situation of the territory is carried out before scheduling the design works. The quarter is part of a protected territory – Kaunas Old Town, for which the Old Town protection regulations apply. Individual solutions for design of apartment blocks and the entire quarter should be submitted.


Refer to URBAN themes map section number – 11

DWG file of the territory

City center analysis_KAFe2016

3D drawing

Kaunas old maps