Conversion of the Quarter between Kaunakiemio Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave. and its Integration into Urban Structure of the Town

The goal of the project is adjustment of the territory between Kaunakiemio Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave., conversion of industrial buildings and integration into urban structure of the town by adapting the territory for living, work and leisure. The project analyses prospects for sustainable endogenous growth following the principles of cyclical economics and sustainable development. The quarter is in a favourable situation in terms of transport, as well as natural and urban environment. It is next to one of the main streets of town – Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue, also at the largest river in Lithuania – Nemunas.

The project aims at delivering a clear and well-grounded strategy of urban territory conversion, as well as solutions, based on that strategy, meeting the needs of users­. It is important to emphasize promotion of self-identification of the local community.

The programme for executing this project is free, You can develop its scenario and scope. Research of historical and present situation of the territory is performed before scheduling the design works. Conversion of present buildings and suggestions of general adjustment of the quarter and traffic scheme should result in submission of an individually prepared option.


Refer to URBAN themes map section number – 15

DWG file of the theme

City center analysis_KAFe2016

3D drawing

Kaunas old maps