Connection-Pedestrian Bridge Between Santaka Park and Vilijampole

Goal of the project: project of a link – a pedestrian bridge – between Kaunas Old Town and Vilijampole, and organization of abandoned industrial territories in Vilijampole, adapting them for commercial, residential and recreational purposes. A bridge from Vilijampole would make it possible to reach the Old Town for pedestrians, cyclists, special tourist transport, for example, britzskas.

The designed pedestrian bridge is important for connecting the present territory of Vilijampole district with Kaunas Old Town. Construction of such link would allow development of territories, which would greatly impact the competitiveness of the entire town. A link between the Old Town and Vilijampole would increase accessibility of Kaunas centre and would establish conditions for forming spaces in Vilijampole district, which would be attractive for the entire town. Currently the part of Vilijampole district on the other side of the territory, which is most important to Kaunas town – the Old Town – is quite abandoned. A large part of the territory is taken by previously industrial territories, which are now being reconstructed into residential and commercial territory with pedestrian zones, public use embankments, small ship port, recreational zones, pedestrian and bicycle paths. On the Old Town side the bridge would appear between Kaunas castle and the Lituanica district awaiting conversion. Authors of the project are free to determine the size, the programme and the operating scenario of the object.


Physical demand program for this task is free to choose by the author’s decision – you can decide on yourself what size, program and scenario building it should be. But have in mind the case study situation. Consider it fair to look for standards from relevant literature or similar objects


Refer to ARCHITECTURAL themes map section number – 7

DWG file of the territory

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