Centre and Museum of Architecture in the Quarter between Birstono Str., Puodziu Str., Druskininku Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave.

The object is in the territory of Kaunas Old Town. Design of quarters of such type and urban structures in general, and development in historical parts of towns are pressing issues in Lithuania nowadays. Their specificity is formed by such characteristic features as: type and form of use of territory, special organisation and visual relationship to the environment, vegetation, elements of technical infrastructure, including small objects and structural details (pavement, lighting fixtures, etc.).

Integration of cultural facilities in the urban fabric of such type has to be especially sensitive, taking into account the established historical environment, including individual spaces, construction works, extensions and reconstructions of historical buildings and locations. However, the new approach to urban development and integration of new buildings, which are visually important to the town, into the established environment, must not be ignored.

The work is aimed at adapting the territory of the between Birstono Str., Puodziu Str., Druskininku Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave. for a modern Centre and Museum of Architecture, planning a link with Nemunas embankment. The quarter is at the intersection of important transit streets of Kaunas and falls in the protected territory of Kaunas Old town, which is under the Old Town protection regulations. This territory has the potential for public cultual development. Your task is to design an important block of buildings of a cultural centre of the town, which would be sensitive for local conditions and structure of the urban fabric. An important urban solution is the link between the quarter and the embankment of Nemunas, the main river of Kaunas. Currently, there are underground pedestrian crossings installed under Birstono Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave.

The programme for executing this project is free, You can develop its scenario and scope for urban structure development. Custom options should be suggested when designing objects and planning the quarter, as well as its relation to the environment. Joint solutions with the topic “Overhead Road with Commercial Premises in Birstono Str. (Section between Gertrudos Str. and Karaliaus Mindaugo Ave.)” are possible.


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DWG file of the territory

3D drawing

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