Adjustment of Area near Darius and Girenas Sports Centre in Kaunas to Sports and Cultural Function

The object is situated on approached to Kaunas Azuolynas park and comprises and important complex of sports objects and natural elements. Some facts from history: in 1924 the sports hall and football stadium, and the Academy of physical education were erected as part of construction on Parodu hill; in 1935 Kaunas scheme of streets and construction areas identifies Azuolynas park territory – sports complex; on 15 July, 1993, the monument to Darius and Girenas was opened on the axis of Parodos and Sporto Streets; in 2006 Azuolynas Park was included in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Lithuania; in 2007, Kaunas Azuolynas complex of sports facilities was included in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Lithuania. The valuable features of the later object include: planning solutions – a complex of buildings and construction works with valuable objects (the Building of Physical Education, the Sports Hall, the Stadium, the garage of Kaunas fortification, the memorial of Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas) at the western part of Azuotynas, formed following the free planning principles at various point in time; paths or their sections – the function of the Sporto street; plantation and green spaces – very old individual oak trees; the primary and historically formed purpose – sports events, rarely – various mass events; authenticity of the cultural landscape of the immediate surrounding environment – the cultural landscape remains largely unchanged to the East of the complex – it includes the old forest of Azuolynas, the surroundings of the complex to the west was changed by streets constructed in the late 19th century and construction works on these streets. Facts about the most important personalities and events of social, cultural and state history – in 1938, the first National Olympics took place; in 1939, the European Men’s Basketball Championships took place; in 1993, Pope John Paul II visited, in 2005, m. the Lithuanian World Games took place.

Goal of the work – urban solutions: reconstruction of the present stadium into an universal stadium of 25,000 seats, conversion of Kaunas Sports Hall into a conference and science innovation centre, development of the Sports University, hotel, adjustment of the approaches to Azuolynas, etc. Problems to be solved: car parking, change of function of objects, proposals for urban development by renovation o. the present buildings. The main principles: taking into account the present (established) scale; preservation and emphasis of the artistic features of objects; development of public spaces; preservation of the identity of historical urban landscape; modern architecture supplements, but does not deteriorate the environment.

The programme for executing this project is free, You can develop its scenario and scope for urban structure development. Research of historical and present situation of the territory is carried out and analysis of the nature of valuable features of the territory takes place before scheduling the design works. Individual options should be suggested for planning the complex of cultural and sports construction works and adjustment of the environment.



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