Parametric Architecture Workshop



Kaunas Architecture Festival KAFe 2016 together with ASK [Architecture for Society of Knowledge] international master program at Warsaw University of Technology invite architects and architecture students participate in Parametric Architecture Workshop.

This 5-day intensive workshop is dedicated to the design and development of a parametric structure that will be raised in front of Romuva Cinema Center in Kaunas. The workshop’s participants will use dedicated software to develop the structure that will later be digitally fabricated. The workshop includes a general introduction to Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication, professional tutorials, presentations about recent work of the organizing staff, and finally the process of production.


The team of tutors, from ASK international master program at Warsaw University of Technology, will provide assistance and accompany participants from the stage of digital modelling until the final fabrication. The workshop will be an intensive and exciting experience for all participants. On Friday, October 7, the result will be presented to the public.



Kaunas, Lithuania



3 October – 7 October 2016



Agata Pasternak, Ander Gortazar Balerdi, Jacek Markusiewicz, Krystian Kwieciński



Kaunas Architecture Festival KAFe 2016

ASK – Architecture for Society of Knowledge


Participants of the Workshop

  • The Workshop is dedicated for young architects and architecture students from all the countries;
  • Workshop will be in English;
  • Participation in the Workshop is free;
  • The participants have to register in KAFe 2016 website, registration is free;
  • Organizers of the Workshop will provide with accommodation as well as catering;
  • Participants of the workshop need to have a PC available for trial versions of the programs.





About ASK – Architecture for Society of Knowledge

ASK [Architecture for Society of Knowledge] is the Master program in Architecture taught in English. It is recognised in the EU and concludes with MSc in Architecture degree. The ASK program is offered by the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology.


ASK is dedicated to those who wish to extend their practical understanding of contemporary architecture and urban planning. The program addresses digital media in design, prototyping with computer controlled machines, distributed design collaboration, and agendas for sustainable, intelligent building.

At the same time it reflects on architectural basics: cultural heritage, history and theory paradigms, social aspects of space creation and education through interacting space. ASK concludes with a M.Sc Arch. professional degree in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning. It is designed to be delivered partially over distance and requires a limited residency period during its core program, plus the Master thesis defence.


Curator Rūta Barisaitė

+370 676 63560