18th Series of Lectures at ARCHITECTURE [discussion] FUND “COLLABORATIVE PLACEMAKING”



Curator:             Elena Archipovatė Urban development practitione


Today public space is the main social arena of our cities where civic life
and our engagement with the over-all development of the city fabric is
enacted and represented. In recent years there is wider recognition among
researchers, politicians and communities of the profound importance these
public spaces hold on urban life and social cohesion. Even though New Urban
Agenda- HABITAT III preparation documents highlights the impotence of
community participation in the global urban development, the main challenge
still remains for most municipal governments, professionals and also
communities. How to create, design or redesign and manage these public
places in order to keep them inclusive, accessible and liveable?

During the 18th session of ARCHITECTURE [discussion] FUND talks we
will invite the audience to have a look at how placemaking promotes not
only better urban design, but also its importance of creating space for
collaborative, co-creation processes to emerge between stakeholders and
users around the public space. Rather that focusing on physical properties
of spaces creation, these talks and discussions are invited to scrutinize
public place uses and functions they hold in the lives of the citizens and
over all urban development of the city.



September 15th Stefanie Raab, “Coollaborative Placemaking – Strategies, Cooperations, Outcomes”  (Berlin, Germany)

September 22th Lukasz Pancewicz, “Collaboration and Communing as a City-Prototyping Practice” (Gdansk, Poland)

October 6th Kristin Solhaug Ness, “Using our City as an Urban Space Lab” (Trondheim, Norway)

October 17th Donatas Baltrušaitis, “12 Urban Strategies” (Brussels, Belgium)


October 20th  Evelina Ozola, “Hands-on Urban Design” (Riga, Latvia)



Curator ELENA ARCHIPOVAITĖ +37068501166